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Esy Ray

Office Manager
Certified Court Interpreter

Hi, my name is Esy Ray and I am the Office Manager and Spanish Interpreter for the Law Offices of Robert E. Ray. I am a certified Court Interpreter and own Esy Ray & Associates, Interpretation and Translation. I am also Bob’s wife and I feel very fortunate that our chosen professions allow us to work so closely together. Bob is a trial attorney specializing in criminal defense and I have worked in the Colorado Court system since 1983 with an emphasis in criminal law. Bob and I love what we do and are very lucky to have assembled a team of lawyers, paralegals and interpreters that are the very best in the business.

I was raised in Texas and as a child traveled throughout the United States working in the fields as a migrant worker. I loved the work and enjoyed all of the new and exciting cities we lived in. I will be forever grateful that my parents decided to make Colorado our permanent home in 1974 and settled in Milliken in 1976 where we still gather to enjoy my mother’s homemade tortillas and tamales. As a child growing up I was taught to be proud of my Mexican heritage and my mother made sure that I could fluently read, write and speak the Spanish language. I grew up interpreting for family and friends but never realized that it was actually a career choice.